About Us


I have always had a love for family and cooking. I have found food is a great way to bring people together. Growing up in Cambodia, my family used to have picnics as a way to bring us closer. Those picnics are some of my best childhood memories.  When I moved to Lebanon, I saw families and friends on the Lebanon Green sharing laughter and entertainment together and it brought back those good memories.  I thought I could make a great contribution to that Lebanon green experience with tasty , fresh food for all families and friends to share.  After discussing it with my family, in 2015 we started selling food at the Hanover farmers market . Since a lot of people seemed to love our food, we thought we could open a food truck. After hard work and saving that same year, we established a food truck so everyone in Hanover and Lebanon could try our country's food. In the truck we served Lebanon at lunch time and Hanover at dinner time, but only in the summer months. Now I think it is time to have a permanent location where our food lovers can come and enjoy our food all year round.

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